A company called Flyr (www.flyrtv.com) has launched what it says is the first interactive storytelling platform, enabling instant hypermedia content creation through automated design and video editing. It works with Apple’s Messages app, as well as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Using Flyr’s “Tinder for Graphic Design” creation tools, Snapchat Discover-style videos can be designed with tap-and-swipe gestures. According to co-founder Hassan Uriostegui, Flyr’s artificial intelligence-powered story creation works in two ways: it algorithmically generates unlimited combinations of layouts, colors and designs, while also suggesting millions of photos, videos and GIFs based upon your story.

The stories are played through Flyr’s proprietary rendering/game engine, making videos interactive, editable and able to link to anywhere on the Internet. Users can find and insert almost any online media asset. You can add hyperlinks with the ability for users to go to any website, article, product or video.

Stories can be modified before or after publishing. Flyr can intelligently export content to fit any social media format or size, including and Apple Messages.

Flyr’s Power Swipe provides an unlimited number of layouts, colors, fonts and filters for you to choose from. The Flyr app is available at the Apple App Store.