Spearheaded by Hercules, which specializes in mobile and professional DJ equipment, the DJUCED teams (djuced.com) have enhanced their macOS compatible, pro DJ software DJUCED 40° 3.5.

One of the most important aspects for DJs – the ability to view the tracks that they’re working on as precisely as possible – has been taken into account in DJUCED 40° 3.5. To make things easier and more comfortable for DJs, the interface automatically adapts to all screen resolutions from 1024 x 600 right up to 4K displays.

What’s more, thanks to the new high-resolution waveforms, DJs can use a high-level zoom – with single-sample accuracy – with six different vivid color schemes available to enhance viewing precision and speed, and for better interaction with the DJ.

Users an instantly view the beat alignment between “Master” and “Deck” for easier beatmatching with this new visual tool. The “Smart Mix” Automix feature can be used directly from the DJUCED 40° 3.5 file explorer. This feature helps users find the best-matching tracks to be played, in terms of BPM and key.

Vinyl Torque is a new emulator that lets users feel the weight of real turntable platters, and use the “Brake effect.” Improvements to the Scratch feature in DJUCED 40° 3.5 now ensure optimized compatibility with the Hercules DJControl

The following Hercules DJ controllers are compatible with DJUCED 40° 3.5: Hercules DJControl Jogvision; Hercules DJControl Instinct P8; Hercules P32 DJ; Hercules Universal DJ; Hercules DJ Control AIR+ S Series; Hercules DJ Control AIR+; Hercules DJConsole RMX2; Hercules DJControlWaveM3; and Hercules DJControlWave.