SMEStorage (, a multi-cloud data access company, has released the first version of its Mac Cloud Tools.

The Cloud Tools encompass a virtual Cloud Drive that is integrated into the Mac Desktop, a desktop to Cloud synchronization tool, and Cloud Files indexed and integrated into Spotlight. Unlike other silo’d storage provider SMEStorage works as an abstraction layer above over 15 storage clouds and enables users to access and manage files from all the major storage vendors, says SMEStorage CEO Ian Osborne.

“The Cloud Tools really bring the Cloud into the Mac desktop enabling users to switch storage cloud providers by simply changing directory, and editing files becomes as easy as double clicking  on the file in question from within the Cloud Drive and saving when done,” he says. “We’ve also integrated file actions into the Mac Finder on right click so that, among other things, you can easily get a URL of a file to share, or generate an email with a file link for example.”

The desktop-to-folder synchronization tools makes it easy to keep files from different clouds in sync with different desktop folders, Osborne says. Just drop your files into the folder and the sync tool will pick up and ensure they end up on the relevant Cloud.

“Lastly, we’ve integrated spotlight to work with all the Clouds mapped to a SMEStorage Account so that when Spotlight indexes the Cloud files are also searched,” says Osborne. “”We’re already looking forward the 1.1 release of these tools and have some further great features to come.”