When outdoor adventure calls, iPhone 7 owners might want to check out the U.S. $150 SLXtreme 7 from Snow Lizard (www.snowlizardproducts.com). It’s a rugged, waterproof and drop-proof case that also sports a built-in solar charger and integrated battery extender.

The solar-power panel can keep you going because there’s no electricity in the great outdoors. You can harness the sun’s power or even indoor (incandescent) lighting to trickle charge and replenish power in the SLXtreme 7’s integrated battery.

The case allows you to prolong your battery by 185% with the built-in integrated battery for extended power. Drop it, dunk it and protect it in extreme weather. The SLXtreme 7 has the highest rating when it comes to safeguarding your iPhone 7 from dirt, sand, dust and water (up to 6.6 feet), and can withstand falls up to 6.6 feet.

You may not need your SLXtreme 7 in less rugged situations, when power is available. That’s why it’s simple to slip your smartphone in and out for those times an extreme case is required. The SLXtreme 7 is available in night black, signal orange, safety yellow and a special camo-based pattern.