The CrystalCore TiltDock, a doc for smartphones and other devices, looks like it could have been created by the team at Apple. That’s how impressive it is.

The CrystalCore TiltDock is designed to serve not only as a charging station, but also as a “home” for your smartphone, tablet or other device. It boasts a tilting backrest, which lets you set the angle of your device for FaceTime, texting or playing. Tilting goes upright to a 45-degree angle.

The dock is designed to stay in place on a table or desk, so you can use it and device with only one hand. The CrystalCore gadget has a rotating connector, as well.

The TiltDock will work with just about any electronic device. You can choose between a 30-pin connector dock, a micro USB version or an 8-pin version. The 30-pin TiltDock costs US$79, and the 8-pin version (as in Lightning connector) costs $99. The micro USB TiltDock is either $79 or $49, depending on your device. Go to for details.

Because of the adjustability, it works with a bare phone and ones with cases. It’s incredibly adjustable and simple to use.