Dog & Bone’s ( Earmade is a custom fit, patent-pending, Bluetooth earbud that give users a personalized fit for maximum comfort and all day wear. The sound isolation achieved by an exact fit delivers a full spectrum sound that has deep lows and crisp highs.

Users can customize the Bluetooth earbuds by heating them in the provided dock for two minutes before fitting the moldable component of the earbuds to the shape of one’s ear. Earmade is water and sweat resistant, X5 rated and features a control compatible with iOS and Android devices to play, pause or answer a call. The earbuds contain an 80mAh battery that boasts up to six hours of playback time.

Users can charge their earbuds with the USB cable. Earmade will be available in black, orange, and white with the an option to purchase additional moldable inserts. The box set includes the earbuds with remote, two sets of custom moldable inserts, a microUSB for USB ports, a heating dock and a soft carrying case. Earmade will retail for US$159.99.
“Designing comfortable earbuds that fit each and every consumer can be a difficult feat, but we’ve succeeded by utilizing a heating dock that makes for a safe and streamlined process that is so simple, my 8 year old could create earbuds on her own,” says Maria Ranchod, co-founder, Dog & Bone. “By custom molding the earbuds, we achieve the exact fit, allowing us to deliver premium sound isolation.