OWC has announced the OWC DEC (https://www.owcdigital.com/DEC/), the first-ever expansion solution designed specifically for the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro. It will arrive in the spring; pricing hasn’t been announced.

The OWC DEC attaches completely flush to the bottom of the 2016 MacBook Pro, providing additional flash storage and connectivity. When installed, the OWC DEC and MacBook Pro will be as thin as a 2012 MacBook Pro. This patented solution has a range of features, which include: 

° Up to 4TB of additional Flash/SSD storage (for a maximum of 6 TB, including factory capacity);

° SD Card Slot/Multi-Media card slot;

° USB 3 Type A Ports for standard USB cabled devices;

° Gigabit Ethernet;

° And other features to be announced at a later date.