Kickstand Software has released FoldedCat 1.1, and update to the drag & drop
categorization/sorting tool for files and folders.

FoldedCat has two main functions: maintaining a text file in a folder
user defined categories (this purposefully lo-tech mechanism facilitates
with Sherlock or other utility) and aids in creating multiple folders from
a user
defined set of names. Very handy for sorting and categorizing large collections
of graphics, source code, etc.

If you have lots of files to sort and categorize, this utility can help.
Version 1.1 adds:

– Scrollbars that actually work (sound of hand smacking forehead)
– Better handling of category files
– Options to control handling of category files

FoldedCat 1.1 is free. FoldedCat is PPC only and requires system software that
supports Appearance Manager.

Download FoldedCat at