Lifeprint, a portable Bluetooth printer that prints Augmented Reality Hyperphotos, has launched exclusively on and select Apple stores.
Just in time for the holiday season when friends and family are together sharing holiday memories, Lifeprint’s app, network, and portable printer enable you to print Live Photos, Snapchat clips, Instagram, Vine, and Facebook photos, and even animated GIFs that use Augmented Reality to come to life like magic in your hands. More than that, Lifeprint’s social network for real photos allows you to share augmented reality images with loved ones through a printer network to any LifePrint printer in the world. Now sharing physical photographs across the globe is just as easy as sending a text.
Lifeprint was created to bring the magic of real photos back into our lives while also giving people a chance to share real photographs in a way that’s never been done before. Even the back of Lifeprint’s packaging comes to life with Augmented Reality technology. So you can watch a video about the product right on the back of the box!
Robert Macauley, co-founder of Lifeprint, says, “There’s something just better about holding a moment in your hands, decorating your personal space and being actively nostalgic about the special moments in your life. Only real photos can capture this… Lifeprint was born to bridge the gap between the incredible digital qualities of iPhone photography with the immeasurable emotional value of real analog photos.”
Lifeprint’s unique augmented reality Hyperphoto technology brings photos to life, quite literally. So the magical photos we’re familiar with in the legendary Harry Potter movies now span beyond the big screen. These experiential photos can then be shared socially to any LifePrint printer in the world with one-click printing. It is essentially like Instagram, but for real pictures.

With Lifeprint, you can take a video clip of your favorite Snapchat filter and send that Hyperphoto to a friend, who can then chose to print it and watch it come to life. Celebrities can even share real photos with their fans all over the world through the Lifeprint network and engage with them in a much deeper way than just clicking ‘like’ on a screen.
Lifeprint uses sticky-backed ZINK Paper to allow you to share photos and videos around town or with friends. Lifeprint printers use ZINK Zero Ink Technology to produce instant, full-color digital images without ink cartridges, ribbons or toner.
The Lifeprint printer is available for $129.95 exclusively at and Apple stores starting today. Lifeprint film is $19.95 for a pack of 30 and $49.95 for a pack of 110, much less expensive than film for old school instant cameras