Andrei Doubrovski has released Elements+ 9.0 (, an update of his enhancement patch for Adobe Photoshop Elements. Featuring hundreds of tools, including missing adjustments, smart filters, vector masks, and more, it is an add-on that unlocks the undocumented advanced functions in Photoshop Elements+ featured in the latest versions of Photoshop.

The kit includes some extra adjustments, smart filters, vector masks, and other advanced tools normally hidden under the hood. Version 9 adds:

° The ability to re-edit Curves, Color Balance, and other unlocked adjustments;

° The ability to re-edit Camera RAW photos in ACR converter;

° Customizable PSE keyboard shortcuts;

° Customizable PSE menus;

° Pen and other advanced vector tools;

° Auto-recovery after PSE crashes;

°  A Script Events Manager

Elements+ 9.0 requires macOS 10.4.11 or later. It costs US$12.