Retrospect, Inc., makers of Retrospect Backup & Recovery software, has announced cloud storage support for Dropbox with integration with the latest release of Retrospect’s hybrid data protection solution.

Retrospect 13.5 for Mac and Retrospect 11.5 for Windows allow Dropbox users to back up their critical data off-site to Dropbox, including Basic, Pro, and Business accounts. Dropbox support was the most requested cloud storage provider among our customers since cloud storage support was released earlier this year, says Jean-Christian Dumas, vice president of Worldwide Sales, Retrospect, Inc.

In addition to Dropbox, Retrospect continues to expand its growing list of certified cloud storage providers with AWS Mumbai, Swisscom, and Cloudian. With every certified cloud storage provider, Retrospect allows customers to protect their entire environment on-site on disk and tape or off-site in the cloud, giving them instant access to files and systems locally with the added protection of a remote backup. This latest software release also includes two new features to help small businesses manage their environments:
° Server Configuration Management – Businesses can manage their Retrospect configuration through a new import and export interface, with cross-platform support and per-module import settings.
° Reduced Storage Footprint – Retrospect’s storage footprint has been reduced for backup metadata on media when using compression, with data storage savings of up to 90%.
Retrospect 13.5 for Mac also adds support for  macOS Sierra 10.12, which is due for release on Monday. A free demo of the Retrospect Backup & Recovery is available at the product website ( Registration for new users is $119.