WhatsApp for Photos from Comet is a free iOS app that instantly syncs your photos from your smartphone with your friends and family.

You can keep all your albums in Comet without deleting any of them. Go in the Comet settings -> Cloud albums -> select the album/albums that shouldn’t be stored on your iPhone. That’s it, the album stays on your phone but the photos inside are downloaded (you’ll need an Internet connection to access them).

WhatsApp for Photos has an invitation list. Sometimes you may wish to wait before accepting to enter in an album. The Comet app allows you to see all the invitations in a list and accept them one by one.

WhatsApp for Photos also supports album sorting. You can choose the way your albums are sorted on the homepage: either by date (as it was) or by activity (if a new photo is added to an old album, this album will be at the top of your homepage). You can download the app here (http://tinyurl.com/gqevy9z).