Tropical Software’s TopXNotes 1.8.2 is an update to their award-winning, full-featured personal information manager developed exclusively for macOS.

Version 1.8.2 provides performance enhancements and bug fixes. You can now display the name of the iOS app being synced with, as well as the device name. Plus, you can now add a “Find” button to the toolbar items default set using the magnifying glass icon.

With TopXNotes you drag and drop to create notes from any other text application or drag to import text and/or RTF documents. You can also cut and paste from other applications. Once the information is created, TopXNotes’ category system can be used to create categories that meet your needs or file them in folder-like groups. For example, you can have one for home, one for office, and one for school.

The app allows you to build your own categories (with names, icons and colors). The NoteOrganizer feature lets you filter your notes by name, note page number, date created, date modified or category.

TopXNotes’ MultiView feature allows you to view more than one note at once in adjacent views. While you work, TopXNotes’ sliding Text toolbar automatically hovers right above where you are typing.

Once you have your notes organized, you can prioritize them with TopXNotes’ QuickNotes feature, then use password protection to protect them from prying eyes. Finally, you can use TopXNotes for Mac and its mobile partner, TopXNotes iOS (for iPhone, iPad and iPod) to take your notes with you.

TopXNotes 1.8.2 is available for $39.95 from the Tropical Software website (, the Mac App Store, Amazon, and other select Mac software resellers. It’s a free update to customers who have already purchased version 1.5 or later. Existing customers with an older version (before 1.5) can upgrade to version 1.8.2 for $19.95 from the Tropical Software website.