Addonics Technologies has rolled out three 1:11 compact duplicators ( for 2.5-inch hard drives, SSDs, M2 SATA SSDs or mSATA SSDs.

You don’t need software or a computer to use ‘em. The duplicators are a complete standalone product. Drives are placed on removable drive trays without any special tools or screws. Users just open the drive bay door, load their master hard drive to the source bay and the target drives of equal size or larger capacity into the target bays, close the drive doors, and then push the start button to begin copying.

The model 1:11 M2 / 2.5-inch HDD/Flash Subcompact duplicator comes bundled with twelve 2.5-inch M2 SATA SSD drive adapters and allows copying from one source media onto as many as eleven M2 SSDs or 2.5-inch HDD/SSDs at one time. Using the family of Addonics optional 2.5-inch Flash drive adapters,  the duplicator can also make copies of many common flash media such as M2 SSD, mSATA/mini mSATA SSD, CFast card, CF card, slim SATA and 1.8″ HDD/SSDs.

The duplicator is about the size of a shoe box and weighs less than 10 pounds. It’s perfect for cloning or backing-up hard drives, system upgrades, data distribution, and for copying data between a variety of flash cards and 2.5-inch HDDs/SSDs.

These duplicators include a range of features such as FAST copy, sector-to-sector copy (for boot drives or drives with encryption), option to copy HPA, drive sanitization and many other functions. There’s no limit on drive capacity. The duplicators can be used for copying drives in any file system and any SATA drives in the standard 2.5-inch form factor with maximum drive thickness up to 9.5 mm.
The suggested retail for the 1:11 M2 SSD / 2.5-inch HDD/SSD duplicator is $1,389.