JAMF Software (http://www.jamfsoftware.com), which specializes in Apple device management, has announced a new release of Casper Suite, offering businesses and schools the ability to leverage all new iOS 9.3 features the moment they update their devices. The latest version of Casper Suite unlocks key functionality, such as Apple’s new Classroom app and Managed Lost Mode.

“iOS is more than a mobile operating system—it serves as a gateway to education and industry transformation,” says Dean Hager, CEO, JAMF Software. “Through the new features introduced in iOS 9.3, it is even easier for IT to set up and manage iOS devices for individuals who may have little experience with mobility. For example, with the new managed Home Screen Layout, IT professionals can deploy iPads configured for students, hospital patients, or retail employees, organized specifically for their roles.”

He adds that the latest version of Casper Suite goes beyond simple compatibility for iOS 9.3, offering support for all new mobile device management features.

° Organizations now have the ability to locate and recover lost or stolen Apple devices without compromising employee or student privacy through ongoing location tracking. When Lost Mode is activated, the iOS device receives a customized lock screen message, is disabled from use, and sends its location to IT.

° Businesses and schools can now deliver a simplified device experience with the ability to customize which apps appear on the home screen and where.

° Schools will be able to deliver a personalized learning experience with Shared iPad for each and every student.

“For years, school districts have had to make the choice between 1:1 and shared iPad programs. The tradeoff has been a personalized learning experience,” says Dave Saltmarsh, education evangelist, JAMF Software. “With iOS 9.3 and Casper Suite, schools will no longer have to make this choice. They will be able to deliver a personalized experience for each and every student regardless of the school’s implementation model.”

In addition to Shared iPad, districts and schools can leverage Casper Suite and iOS 9.3 to maximize instruction time. An entire class can be launched into a specific app, book, or website, and share their work on Apple TV to the class or privately to the teacher. Furthermore, teachers can conduct simple technical tasks without IT involvement.

“Rowan-Salisbury School System depends on JAMF Software to provide critical, same-day support for iOS releases that impact our district’s 30,000 devices. This is one of the many reasons we partner with JAMF,” says Candace Salmon-Hosey, Executive Director of Technology and CTE Services, Rowan-Salisbury School System. “JAMF’s same-day support, ubiquitous ecosystem, and architecture offers us peace of mind that our teaching and learning environment will not be disrupted when a new iOS version is released.” 

“Apple has a rich history in education. They not only build technology that students prefer in both school and their adult life, but protect student privacy and have an unrivaled app ecosystem,” adds Hager. “The new education benefits in iOS 9.3 should compel any district or school to choose iPad for their education goals.”