Broadview Networks, a provider of cloud-based business communications and information technology services, assays its OfficeSuite Connector is now available on the AppExchange (

The OfficeSuite Connector is installed into an organization’s Salesforce account and lives in the cloud—not on any specific computer or server, making the application available regardless of an employee’s location. It integrates with every phone available in the OfficeSuite Phone service including a variety of desk phones, cordless phones, softphones for Macs, Windows, iOS and Android devices.

It integrates Broadview’s OfficeSuite Phone system with, providing organizations with an enhanced view of customer and employee activity while improving employee efficiency and performance. When a call comes into the OfficeSuite Phone system for a user of Salesforce, the OfficeSuite Connector immediately displays the details of the caller, giving employees access to both contact and lead details.

While on calls, employees can improve customer interactions and enrich customer data within Salesforce by adding notes to contact records and logging the calls. The application also allows employees to streamline workflows and increase productivity by clicking to call any phone number or using the integrated dial pad within Salesforce. The OfficeSuite Connector is available to new and existing OfficeSuite customers.