Ben Software, in conjunction with Pro Video Analytic Tools, has introduced MotionMap, a new video analytics software product designed to work in conjunction with any video surveillance (CCTV) system.

The software analyses captured footage to build a picture of where motion most occurs in the video frame. These motion maps give insights into traffic flows – for example customers moving around a store or showroom.

MotionMap is fast and efficient, typically taking just a minute to analyze an hour of video footage. All major video file formats and codecs are supported, and the software runs natively on Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. It’s ideal for locations such as retail stores, warehouses, showrooms, shopping malls, car parks and airports; the insights provided by MotionMap allow optimization of layouts to achieve goals such as increased sales or improved efficiency.

MotionMap costs $199. A 10-day fully-functional trial version of the software is available for download (