New Xitel HiFi-Link for iPod Lets You Enjoy Your iPod Music, Video and
Photo Collection on Your Home Entertainment System

Superior Audio Performance, Video Display Capability and All-in-One
Charging Dock Makes Great Stocking Stuffer for Less than $100

Austin, TX, and Canberra, Australia- (November 21, 2005) — Xitel today
introduced HiFi-Link for iPod — a unique docking station that connects
iPods to home stereos or televisions while charging them so they’re ready
for the next road trip.

A “made-for iPod” accessory, HiFi-Link for iPod is one of the first
products on the market to support Apple’s hot new iPod with video and to
take advantage of Apple’s new Universal Dock design, ensuring compatibility
with current and future iPods.

“Now you can enjoy all of your iPod content on your home entertainment
system – played through more powerful stereo speakers or viewed from a
large-screen living room TV,” said Barrie Davis, Xitel’s president.
“HiFi-Link allows iPods to seamlessly integrate with anything from a
top-of-the-line surround sound system through to a simple boombox or
regular TV.”

Engineered for Exceptional Sound and Viewing Quality

Built from the ground up for exceptional sound quality, HiFi-Link for iPod
replicates the high-end outputs found on audiophile-grade equipment. By
processing the cleanest possible signal from iPod’s base connector,
HiFi-Link for iPod provides exceptionally pure and dynamic audio for a true
high-fidelity experience. Attention to detail is apparent in the quality of
gold-plated line-level RCA outputs with matching studio-grade audio cable.
Through the inclusion of SRS TruBass, Xitel’s HiFi-Link for iPod also
significantly enhances the lower frequencies of all music. Using advanced
psychoacoustics, HiFi-Link for iPod adds back the warmth and depth that
audio compression takes away.

“While sensational sound quality and TruBass enhancement make HiFi-Link for
iPod an outstanding audio product, our video capabilities really finish
things off perfectly,” Barrie Davis continued. HiFi-Link for iPod uses
composite video output to enable photo and video viewing through any TV,
while advanced buffering ensures sharp, crisp pictures without interference.

Implementation of the Apple Universal Dock design makes HiFi-Link for iPod
totally compatible with Dock Adapter clips included by Apple with the new
iPod nano and iPod with video. A simple click and replace mechanism allows
customers to also use clips included by Xitel for iPod color, iPod mini,
iPod with dock connector and iPod photo. Combined with a full-size remote
control and intelligent recharging, Xitel’s HiFi-Link for iPod is a simple
and convenient way to integrate iPod into your home entertainment setup.

“Thirty years of developing advanced consumer electronics technology has
allowed us to incorporate innovative features that set the HiFi-Link for
iPod apart,” said Davis.

Key Features of Xitel’s new HiFi-Link for iPod

* Play: Use your HiFi-Link for iPod with a home stereo, boombox, or plug in
a set of powered speakers to create a dedicated iPod music center.

* View: Buffered composite output allows you to view sharp photos and video
on your regular TV while maintaining pristine audio quality.

* Improve: Gold-plated, line-level outputs provide superior sound quality.
Unique design means your stereo receives an exceptionally pure and dynamic
signal for crystal-clear performance. Adjustable SRS TruBass creates rich,
deep bass, adding back the warmth and depth audio compression takes away.

* Control: Powerful remote conveniently controls your iPod an extended
distance – up to 50 feet. Swap between tracks, playlists, pause, play, fast
forward, fast rewind or turn your iPod off.

* Charge: Power and automatically charge your iPod. Listen at home knowing
your iPod will be ready to go when you are.

* Compatibility: HiFi-Link for iPod includes Apple’s new iPod Universal
Dock design for compatibility with present and future-generation iPods.
HiFi-Link for iPod is made for iPod with video, iPod nano, iPod color, iPod
mini, iPod with dock connector and iPod photo.

In the Package
HiFi-Link for iPod dock
remote control
remote batteries
power adapter
shielded audio cable
audio adapter cable
user manual
5 Dock Adapter inserts

Pricing and Availability
The MSRP for the new HiFi-Link for iPod is $99.95. Xitel’s new HiFi-Link
for iPod is available in the USA starting mid-November 2005 through
CompUSA, and, Xitel’s direct shopping
service. Refer to for updates on retail stores and

About Xitel
Xitel Pty Ltd has a 30-year history of developing and marketing technically
advanced electronics products and solutions. Over the years, the company
has designed, developed, and manufactured more than 50 product lines with
millions of units for an elite list of OEM partners including Sony,
Siemens, Raytheon, Kodak and others. HiFi-Link for iPod extends Xitel’s
growing brand, delivering a range of precision audio products to both
consumer and professional markets. The company is based in Canberra,
Australia, with offices in Asia and the USA. More information can be found