BestiPhoneCleaner’s iPhone Cleaner for Mac is an utility designed specifically to keep iOS devices clean.

Smartphones can store different unnecessary data, such as cookies and remnants of applications. This is where iPhone Cleaner for Mac can be useful.

It sports an easy-to-use interface as it has only one function. With it you can:

° Wipe out app download pictures, videos, audios and other caches files;

° Clean up the cookie and script files used to save users log-in info;

° Clean the temp files used for apps calculation and data exchanges;

° Clear the redundant system usage report and app crash logs generated by iOS;

° Remove corrupt files due to interrupted downloads but remain in the temp file folders;

° Delete Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photo Library cache files created by third party apps;

° Eliminate the temp files in Users Storage Directory that was generated by third party apps;

° Remove call and FaceTime history;

° Delete messages and attached files in iMessages and SMS;

° Clear the Safari web browsing history;

°  Remove cookies;

° Clear web browsing history;

° Empty the Safari cache and remove all preview images;

° Eliminate cached emails;

° Terminate background running apps;

° Empty system and user app background notifications and related information.

iPhone Cleaner for Mac is completely free, and can be downloaded from BestiPhoneCleaner online (