Tungsten Graphics Launches TG Enhanced Chromium for Mac OS X

WWDC 2007, San Francisco – June 11, 2007: Tungsten Graphics, a leading
graphics development company, today announced that TG Enhanced Chromium, a
system for interactive rendering on clusters of workstations, will be
released for Apple’s Intel-based Macs.

Chromium, an extremely popular open source project, has been adopted by
major applications vendors, national laboratories and many research
institutions. Chromium is a completely extensible architecture, which
provides parallel rendering to improve the performance of computer graphics
and has the capability to run many standard OpenGL programs without
modification. TG Enhanced Chromium consists of the open source Chromium
project with additional components created and maintained by Tungsten

“TG Enhanced Chromium on Apple’s Mac OS X provides users with the means to
harness the power of Mac clusters to drive multi-panel displays.” commented
Jens Owen, CEO, Tungsten Graphics. “We are really pleased to bring to the
Mac community the chance to experience faster, more reliable and accurate
presentation of large data sets.”

“The powerful graphics capabilities of Mac OS X and advanced graphics card
support in the Mac Pro are perfect for high performance scientific
visualization applications,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of
Worldwide Developer Relations. “We’re thrilled that TG Enhance Chromium now
offers the exciting opportunity to visualize large datasets using a cluster
of Mac Pros with Cinema HD displays. Enabling researchers to scale the
number of displays to best fit their 2D or 3D data will surely aid
scientific discovery.”

Tungsten Graphics also announced the Mac OS X availability of Equalizer, an
open source rendering framework and resource management system for parallel
OpenGL-based applications. Equalizer makes the development and deployment
of parallel, scalable visualization applications as easy as possible by
providing a minimally invasive API, run-time configuration and run-time

TG Enhanced Chromium on Mac OS X will be shipping by the end of August 2007.

About Tungsten Graphics

Tungsten Graphics, Inc. is an international and world-renowned engineering
company that specializes in hardware-related software engineering with
expertise in Linux and Open Source 2D/3D graphics technologies including X
servers, OpenGL, the Direct Rendering Infrastructure, Mesa, VNC and

Tungsten Graphics is a recognized contributor to many open source projects
and has a rich history of driving the Open Source graphics infrastructure.
Tungsten Graphics’ employees continue to be major contributors to Mesa,
X.org, Chromium, DRI and XFree86 and are active participants on the OpenGL
ARB. We are currently pursuing OpenGL ES integration with the X.org and
Mesa projects. We take pride in our reputation for doing excellent work,
demonstrating graphics expertise and implementing solutions on-time and
within budget.

For more information, contact Tungsten Graphics at: www.tungstengraphics.com