Soundness has announced SoundSoap 5.0, an update to their award-winning audio noise reduction software for Mac OS X and Windows. The upgrade introduces new technology that finds and removes background noises automatically by analyzing the media file.

Other improvements include a graphical learn noise mode, better hum removal, improved media playback controls, FLAC and MP3 file support, high-resolution audio meters, and full bypass and reset commands. SoundSoap is a tool that solves audio noise problems like unwanted hiss and background noises, clicks, pops, crackles, electrical hum, rumble, clipping, and low volume in media files.

SoundSoap 5 includes the standalone application and plug-in versions, and costs $149. It can be purchased and downloaded directly from the Soundness website ( Previous owners of SoundSoap can upgrade to SoundSoap 5 for $49. Customers who purchased SoundSoap 4 on or after Oct. 1, 2015, will be provided a free upgrade to SoundSoap 5.