Fluance’s Signature Series is a high performance line of speakers engineered to create a listening experience for true audiophiles. At the heart of the speakers are powerful dual eight-inch woofers.

The eight-inch long throw woofers’ bass extension results in a low frequency bass performance that’s clean, deep and controlled. It covers the entire audible frequency range, starting at a low 35Hz.

The Signature Series features Neodymium tweeters that produce high frequencies with clarity and spacious imaging. The midrange pointed dome prompts soundwaves to travel directly from the center of the speaker’s woven glass fiber cone for an enhanced soundstage

The Signature Series is designed with cabinets made with audio-grade wood to create a warm, distortion-free sound, making the speakers acoustically inert. The speaker is designed to significantly decrease sound diffraction through solid 1.4-inch thick front baffle bears chamfered edges. Additional premium design features include high end binding posts, big cabinet design, outriggers and a bullet pointed midrange driver to assist in upper midrange frequencies.

The Signature Series are available now in black ash or natural walnut for $699.99 at Fluance.com.