Ntractive’s (http://www.ntractive.com) Elements CRM 6.1, a cloud-based Mac Customer Relationship Management (Mac CRM) Solution for Mac business and enterprise, enables anyone to manage their business, automate business processes, make their data more accessible, and improve their team’s efficiency. The latest version (6.1) offers opportunity tracking for users of the Group and Professional Editions.

Opportunity tracking and forecasting has long been a part of the Elements CRM Enterprise Edition, a high-level edition of its cloud-based Mac Customer Relationship Management (Mac CRM) solution for Mac Business and Enterprise. As of version 6.1, companies using the Group Edition of Elements CRM or above will now have free access to the opportunity tracking feature.

Elements CRM’s opportunity tracking allows users to create a potential deal with its leads and clients and closely monitor its progress. Opportunities are tracked by stage, dollar value and potential close date. Forecasting reports can be generated so that management can get a top level view of what’s in the pipeline.

Elements CRM 6.1 is available immediately. The download is free but requires a subscription to Elements CRM. Group pricing starts at US$24.95/user/mo, Professional pricing starts at $49.95/user/mo, Enterprise pricing starts at $69.95/user/mo. and Performance pricing starts at $99.95 Some features are not available in all of the editions. Elements CRM 6.1 is available on the Ntractive Website and the Mac App Store.