Xylio has released future.dj pro 1.2, in conjunction with Pulselocker’s new and vast music database to produce “one of the most flexible digital DJ setups that gives any DJ or club the right to play any music anywhere legally.”

This new functionality embedded in future.dj pro’s interface, makes sure that you can take full advantage of over 44 million tracks that have been integrated in Pulselocker’s database from nearly 500,000 labels, says Ionut Voiculet, Xylio’s managing director. The fusion between pro DJ app and advanced DJ streaming is the first service that gives DJs the ability to mix online music without having Internet access, he adds.

This works through an Offline playlist (locker) that can be used to add and keep all of the tracks you want. Then, by opening future.dj pro, the music is saved to your computer. Once the Offline playlist has updated, Internet is no longer required.

Pulselocker is the first music streaming service built just for DJs. Integrated directly into DJ applications, it provides access to a catalog of 40  million tracks from major and independent labels from within the DJ application browser. You can use the website’s discovery tools to find new music, then take your tracks offline and play sets without an internet connection.

future.dj pro 1.2 is available for US$99. Pulselocker (www.xylio.com/pulselocker) is available for $9.99/month or $19.99/month for the pro tier.