UPPERCASE Designs’ KRADL Air vertical stand for the MacBook Air has a minimalist, space-saving design that makes it the perfect home for an 11-inch or 13-inch MacBook Air and holds the laptop in a vertical position to free up valuable desk space.

KRADL Air’s unique design holds the laptop at seven degrees from vertical, allowing its profile to be among the smallest of laptop stands. The seven-degree tilt allows easier docking and removal of the laptop along with reduced wobble compared to other designs. The minimalist design makes the KRADL Air nearly “disappear” when the MacBook Air is docked inside. The KRADL Air is machined from solid aerospace aluminum with an impeccable finish that exudes quality and exactly matches the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air (2010 and newer).

The KRADL Air is ideal for use with a MacBook Air in clamshell mode when used with an external monitor or for holding the laptop when not in use. It has an ABS plastic inner sleeve to cradle the MacBook Air and an anti-slip silicone pad on its base to protect the desk surface and prevent movement. The KRADL Air has a slot in the back to maintain ventilation while the laptop is in use. Though extremely compact, the KRADL Air’s weight and stable design holds the MacBook Air securely and keeps it out of harm’s way from accidental drops, spills or scratches.

The UPPERCASE Designs KRADL Air Vertical Stand for MacBook Air is currently available from gouppercase.com and Amazon.com at a suggested retail price of $29.99. If your MacBook Air has a case, you’ll have to remove it before using the stand.