iHealth Lab’s (www.ihealthlabs.com) iHealth Ease Blood Pressure Monitor (BP3L) is a full-featured, FDA-approved blood pressure testing device. With an manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$39.99, advanced app features, and free, unlimited data storage, iHealth Ease makes the most-advanced monitoring technology broadly available to consumers for tracking and managing high blood pressure—one of the early indicators of cardiovascular disease.  

The iHealth Ease is a blood pressure monitor and cuff solution controlled by MyVitals, iHealth’s free app available for smartphones and tablets in the Apple App and Google Play app stores. The iHealth Ease features an innovative “Triple Check” option that measures blood pressure three times and then averages the results to deliver a baseline reading accurate to within three percent for pressure and five percent for pulse.

The reading is transferred via Bluetooth to the user’s secure iHealth account with free HIPAA-compliant data storage space, where users can analyze and chart their data using MyVitals, and share this information with a doctor or caregiver.

The Ease is compatible with most iOS 7 (and higher) and Android 4.0+ devices. The product is available online through Walmart.com, Amazon.com, and BestBuy.com and in retail stores including Best Buy Canada.