PRONG’s PWR Case for the iPhone 6/6s eliminates the need to carry a charger or lightning cable. The all-in-one case includes a detachable battery with built-in prongs that plug directly into the wall. Plus, your Apple smartphone is shielded from impact and scratches, and remains powered through any occasion.

Unlike other charging solutions that claim to be wireless, the PWR Case allows you to charge your device without having to take it out of your pocket. It doesn’t require any additional pieces of hardware, unnecessary external cords or hovering over an outlet.

The PWR Case comes equipped with retractable A/C plug prongs that fold flat against the case when not in use. Its built-in plugs and ability to detach the battery from the phone provides users with easy charging while on-the-go, delivers a lightweight, everyday carrying solution and provides full access to the phone while the backup battery recharges.

Constructed with a polycarbonate shell, the PWR Case can shed the detachable battery transforming into an everyday, sleek and stylish case. Available in slate (black), red/white, blue/grey and translucent, iPhone 6/6s users can now keep their device protected and charged with multiple charging options. The PWR Case provides up to 100 percent extra battery life, and the backup battery charges from zero to full in about 60 minutes using the integrated plugs.

The PWR Case for the iPhone 6/6s is now available for US$99.95 at