Twelve South ( has introduced a redesigned version of their very first product, BookArc for MacBook. Tailored specifically for the newest generation of MacBooks, BookArc holds your MacBook vertically, freeing up valuable workspace.

You can dock your MacBook in BookArc, connect a large external display, keyboard and mouse, and create a more comfortable desktop setup. Inspired by the latest generation of MacBooks, the new BookArc is made from bead-blasted aluminum. A highly-polished chamfered edge and a refined shape creates a desktop sculpture worthy of the MacBook.

Three interchangeable silicone inserts softly cradle all current MacBooks from the 11-inch Air to the 15-inch Pro with Retina Display — and now the 12-inch MacBook as well. BookArc’s new design includes a handy, integrated cable-catch feature to keep your power and connections from falling to the ground when you disconnect your MacBook.

Utilizing a feature called closed-clamshell mode, BookArc inspires MacBook users to enjoy the best of both worlds: a laptop on the go, and a desktop at home. Connect and enjoy a bright 27-inch monitor for photo editing. Attach an extended keyboard with a number keypad. Reclaim vital desktop space with your MacBook stored upright in BookArc. Even dual-screen users often find refreshing focus by closing their MacBook and parking it in a BookArc.

BookArc for MacBook is compatible with all MacBook models including the new 12-inch MacBook. Like the original in 2009, BookArc is still $49.99 and is available now.