Quark has published “The Beginner’s Guide to Content Automation,”(http://tinyurl.com/qfsxley) a free eBook for professionals focused on solving challenges related to the creation, management, publishing, and delivery of multi-channel content. Topics covered in the book include:

° Understand the difference between traditional content workflows and content automation;

° Discover the benefits that enterprise content automation brings to organizations;

° Assess whether content automation can help your business or organization
Content automation is best deployed for business-critical content that has one or more of the following characteristics:

° A high volume of similar documents;

° A high volume of revisions;

° Frequently repeated creation processes;

° Government-regulated or corporate-regulated documents;

° A high possibility of reusing content across multiple documents;

° Integration of data from databases and other systems into the content. For example, inserting the latest financial information from a Bloomberg data feed into a research report, or inserting technical specifications into an infosheet from a product information database;

° Translation to multiple languages;

° Delivery in multiple formats

° Delivery with multiple presentation styles.