Software Ambiance’s DaisyDisk 4, an update to the disk analyzer utility for Mac OS X, sports a redesigned interface and faster performance.

When users launch the application, first an overview of all mounted disk drives will appear along with corresponding graphics indicating each disk’s capacity and fullness. Users then press the Scan button pertaining to each displayed disk to start the lightning-fast scanning process. If needed, multiple disks can be scanned simultaneously.

Next users will see a circular Sunburst diagram displaying various color-coded pieces of rings representing all files found in the scanning. Mousing over ring segments will show the category of files and folders, along with their total size (e.g. Movies, 105.5 GB). Clicking any segment expands it into its own Sunburst map to reveal its content for users to examine in greater detail. The process can be repeated until the user has reached the level where individual files are listed.

A built-in QuickLook preview of the file content can help a user decide if a particular file should be deleted or not. Then the segments can be dragged out of the map and dropped into the “collector” for further examination and deletion. Each time files are moved, the map will instantly update to reflect the changes and show the new space gained. When ready, all collected files are simply deleted with a single click.

Available for US$9.99 (USD) for new downloads and as a free update for all current users, DaisyDisk 4.0 is available now on The Mac App Store and DaisyDisk website (