Seagate Technology has announced new and updated Hybrid Cloud Data Protection solutions that enable customers to manage explosive data growth and increasingly complex security.

The new and updated hybrid cloud solutions in Seagate’s portfolio include: Seagate Backup and Recovery Software, Seagate Cloud Backup and Recovery Services, Seagate Backup and Recovery Private Cloud, and Seagate Data Management Services. These solutions will be delivered by Seagate, its value added resellers (VARs) and managed service providers (MSPs) to customers from small and medium sized businesses up through large enterprises for private, public and hybrid cloud deployments.

Seagate’s Backup and Recovery Software and Cloud Backup and Recovery Services now deliver up to 400% performance improvement in the speed of backup, restore and replication than the previous Seagate EVault offering, making it possible for organizations of all sizes to protect large and growing datasets within their standard backup window without impacting their production environments, according to Mike Palmer, senior vice president and general manager of cloud solutions. The software is optimized to deliver the highest possible backup and recovery throughput, and can handle up to 6TB of compressed data per hour (read speeds) on a single module for a real-world mix of jobs, he adds.

Seagate’s New Backup and Recovery Private Cloud is the ideal scale out infrastructure for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) or large enterprises requiring a solution that supports the growing cloud-based backup requirements of many clients or departments, says Palmer. The Seagate Backup and Recovery Private Cloud supports multi-tenancy and delivers speed, virtually unlimited scale, and high availability.

MSPs or enterprise customers can start with the storage capacity they need and grow to PB scale, scaling up to 1PB in two racks of tier-1 storage and 2PB in one rack of tier-2 storage. The scale out aspect of Seagate’s Backup and Recovery Private Cloud “has virtually no bounds,” says Palmer. Seagate’s new software and Backup and Recovery Private Cloud will be available in the US and EMEA at the end of August. Details about Seagate’s Backup and Recovery software, appliances, services and private cloud are available at .