NewerTech’s Wireless Aluminum Keypad ( complements the look and feel of Apple keyboards even as it offers a, as the name implies, keypad — something missing from Apple’s Wireless Keyboard.

The Wireless Aluminum Keypad pairs with your Mac, PC or iOS device via Bluetooth and reconnects automatically when the computer or device is awakened or restarted. It’s designed for finance professionals, including accountants and analysts, as well as students, teachers, administrators, programmers, and more.

NewerTech worked with accounting professionals to the details right — including key-throw, feel, design, size, and connectivity. Bluetooth pairing is quick and reliable, and, as mentioned, reconnects automatically when the computer or device is awakened or restarted. 

The wide-spaced island keys are comfortable to use. The NewerTech Keypad boasts a full-sized 28-key design with delete, tab, navigation keys, and more. It provides an ergonomic tilt with firm desktop grip. It’s lightweight and perfectly sized for mobile or desktop use.

You can use this keypad with popular apps, such as Pro Tools, Logic, and Final Cut Pro to be more efficient by taking advantage of shortcuts that aren’t as easily accessible when using the Apple wireless keyboard alone. The NewerTech Keypad also works as a stand-alone or with a variety of other keyboards.

The NewerTech Keypad with black or white keys is available for immediate purchase for US$49.