MacDaddy’s Duplicate 1.0 is a Mac OS X Yosemite application that enhances the Finder’s standard copy and paste functionality by making them more efficient, as well as performing approximately 10% faster than stock copy and paste methods.

Duplicate can also copy large folders with no issues involving file permissions, as well as the ability to copy entire volumes, creating an exact duplicate bootable copy of the original volume. It installs itself as an option into the contextual menu that appears when you Control-Click or right-click a file, folder, or drive.

This makes Duplicate just as easy to use as the standard OS X copy and paste functions, while providing a copy and paste operation that is both faster and more efficient. Duplicate avoids failed copies with large folders, and users won’t experience any issues with permissions as they sometime do with the standard Copy and Paste functions.

Whenever Duplicate is used to copy data, it makes an exact duplicate, which can even pass the “Backup Bouncer Test,” which is a test that determines whether a perfect copy of a file and all associated data is made, which many utility apps, (including the Finder’s native copy and paste), fail.

It can even be used to copy and paste an entire volume to another drive, resulting in a bootable drive. Volume copy and paste is a handy feature for those looking to create test volumes when they’re wanting to experiment with different setups and configurations on their Mac.

Duplicate requires OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later. It’s free and is available worldwide exclusively as a direct download from the MacDaddy website (