4SeTV (http://tinyurl.com/pa299ov), a device that lets users select and watch four TV channels on the same screen, has been released. It splits a big screen TV into four sections and streams different content to each section. 

What’s more, four people in the same house, dorm or location can watch four different live TV shows at once on their tablet, smartphone or TV. Built on patent pending technology, 4SeTV uses over-the-air broadcasting and streams the HD content you want to see to your connected devices in your home network.

Sporting events account for 37% of all TV viewing today, and, inevitably, scheduling conflicts will arise. Sports fans often find themselves flipping through channels in an attempt to watch more than one game at a time — only to land on a channel just in time to see the crowd cheering wildly or that a game has ended. With 4SeTV, you can freely switch channels during a timeout or instant replay. You can monitor four shows on your mobile device, while you choose which one is shown on the big screen.

“The 4SeTV product is a compelling offering for consumers using free-to-air (FTA) terrestrial programming and wishing to bring TV to other rooms on their tablets, and especially those looking to improve their multi-game sports capabilities for busy game Sundays,” says Sam Rosen, practice director for ABI Research.

The 4SeTV hooks up to your HDTV antenna and connects to your router with an Ethernet cable. From there, you simply switch the box on and go at the push of a button. When it comes to costs, after the initial hardware purchase, there are no monthly subscription fees. 

The 4SeTV app is available as a free download in the Apple App Store. To sample the 4SeTV experience, launch the app without the hardware to access Demo Mode, and watch pre-selected sports segments on your TV.

4SeTV is available for pre-order on Kickstarter and is priced at US$99 for early adopters. The first units are slated to ship in July.