AquaFold’s ( Aqua Data Studio 16, an upgrade to the universal database management and analytics software,gives users more charts, features, capabilities, and options.

With support for newer versions of natively supported database vendors, the latest version introduces new chart types, and more options to current charts, making it quicker and easier for users to understand and execute on their underlying data. Along with enhancements to the Query Analyzer, Visual Explain, FluidShell, and support for newer versions of natively supported database vendors, version 16 is the most streamlined and efficient version of the software so far.

As companies store ever-larger amounts of data, teams need smarter ways to understand those numbers and put them into action. For instance, Aqua Data Studio 16 adds treemaps, for instance, which allow you to visualize thousands of colored data points on a single screen. This makes it easy to spot patterns deep in the data that would be otherwise impossible to see.

Additional chart enhancements in Aqua Data Studio 16 make adjusting charts easier, including drag-and-drop reordering of fields. The addition of Treemaps brings visualization for hierarchical data. Trend lines now include confidence bands to indicate uncertainty with noisy or incomplete data, and intelligently fill in missing date information so that gaps in the data no longer cause gaps in trend lines. New data can now be pasted directly from a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel into Aqua Data Studio’s visualizations as a new data source, or used to replace existing data.

Another new feature, Binning, allows users to group measure values into collections and use those collections as discrete dimensions. It is especially useful when generating Histograms to visualize the distribution of data, another new feature in Aqua Data Studio 16.

Along with Aqua Data Studio’s visualization improvements are additional functions for calculated fields and table calculations to make working with data easier. Unlimited undo and redo in Visual Analytics allows users to step forward and back through time to test changes and ideas. An enhanced Visualization menu makes smart suggestions about which chart type to choose based on the data given. The query dialog now incorporates auto-completion as you write, and query results can be pinned so that they remain visible after re-executing a query.

Database support has also been upgraded for Sybase ASE 16.0, Sybase Anywhere 16.0, SQL Server 2014, MongoDB 3.0, VoltDB 4.9, Greenplum 4.3, Vertica 7.1, Hortonworks 2.2, Cloudera 5.2, Teradata 15, Netezza 7.1, ParAccel 5.1, Informix 12.10, MySQL 5.6, and Apache Derby 10.11.

Aqua Data Studio 16 is localized into 21 languages and works with Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Solaris, and the Java Platform. The cost of a single-user commercial license for Aqua Data Studio 16 remains US$499. Current license holders with expired subscriptions can renew their subscriptions for $174.65.