Transcena Design has announced that its OfficeTime time tracking
software ( ) is going international. With
OfficeTime’s 1.3.3 internationalization release for Mac and PC, you
can track your time and expenses in just about any language.

Start the timer and add notes on your activity in the language of
your choice. OfficeTime offers full support for a wide range of
character sets, including multi-byte characters. The software’s
growing global community is tracking, invoicing and reporting their
time in French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese and many other

The internationalization functionality offers proper formatting of
date and time for reporting and invoicing. It djusts to either a
24-hour clock or AM and PM, as well as date structure preferences.

OfficeTime 1.3.3 automatically uses the correct currency during
reporting and invoicing. It costs US$47; a 120-day dem o is available
for download.