Acclivity’s AccountEdge Pro 2015, the latest version of the small business accounting software for Mac OS X and Windows, adds serialized inventory and sales commission tracking, among other features.

AccountEdge Pro is accounting software with features ranging from general bookkeeping to inventory to payroll. It offers integration with AccountEdge Mobile. With Shopify syncing, users can sell their AccountEdge Pro inventory online. 

AccountEdge Cloud is an add-on that lets users enter sales invoices, activity slips, and the ability for employees and contractors to enter in their timesheet for payroll purposes, all integrating back to AccountEdge Pro. Serialized inventory management allows a business to track serial numbers through the life cycle of its inventory, from purchase to sale including warranty.  They can use manufacturer serial numbers or have AccountEdge create their own series of serial numbers.

New commission tracking calculates, tracks, and pays commissions to both employee and vendor salespeople. Businesses can choose a fixed percentage or amount as a commission, or create a custom rate per item, per activity or rate per salesperson. AccountEdge Pro 2015 also includes:

° Warranty tracking, which lets you keep track of warranty information for specific inventory items. You can check if warranties are valid for a customer.

° Split transaction lines across multiple jobs. When allocating a transaction line item to jobs, you can split the amount across multiple jobs by percentage or amount.

° 1099 preparation. New category and amount range filters speed up 1099 preparation. Your filters and selections will carry over to your 1096 forms, too.

° Shopify inventory sync. You can keep inventory levels in sync between AccountEdge and Shopify. You can allocate a target quantity to be made available on your Shopify store, AccountEdge Pro will actively maintain that quantity, as long as there is sufficient stock on hand.  

° Departments on timesheets. You can track what employees are spending time on by department. You can allocate employee time and cost to departments via timesheets, and split time between multiple departments.

AccountEdge Pro is available immediately from the AccountEdge website ( and from Apple Specialists throughout the United States, with a list retail price of US$399.