Kinesis Corporation’s ( Freestyle2 Blue, Bluetooth keyboards for Macs and PCs includes a handy Multichannel feature that allows switching between the keyboard and up to three Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The Freestyle2 Blue seems to be the first fully-adjustable, fully-splittable ergonomic keyboard to incorporate a Multichannel Bluetooth capability. It features simple, sturdy adjustment mechanisms and is intuitive to configure and use.

The keyboard itself offers adjustable front splay and complete separation, and the interchangeable accessories provide adjustable tenting with or without integrated palm supports. The optional Freestyle2 accessory packages include the VIP3, V3, and Ascent Multi-Tent. This range of optional accessories allow organizations to precisely meet the needs of each employee while standardizing on a single keyboard.

The Multichannel feature allows switching of up to three Bluetooth-enabled devices. The Freestyle2 Blue sports a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. A single charge should exceed six months of use with two hours of typing per day. The Freestyle2 Blue’s design addresses the major ergonomic risk factors related to keyboarding by minimizing ulnar deviation, forearm pronation, wrist extension, over-reach for the mouse, and excessive force.

The Mac version is compatible with Macs running OS X 10.4 and newer and iOS devices. Pricing is US$119 for a nine-inch separation Freestyle 2 and $139 for one with 20-inch separation.