The Philips Moda 2 ( is a new IPS monitor and Bluetooth speaker in one that combines vivid visuals with the convenience of a Bluetooth speaker.

The display features Bluetooth and MHL connectivity, and a pair of 7-Watt speakers to stream your music while you work. The monitor also delivers flicker-free technology, Full HD resolution and an IPS panel .

The integrated speakers are specially tuned with SRS WOW HD, which allows for stereo enhancement and sculpted bass response for maximum thump. The discrete speakers also feature Philips Incredible Surround technology that delivers virtual 5.1 sound for an immersive movie and listening experience.

Philips Incredible Surround technology also allows for a broad sweet spot, clearer vocals and bass management to simulate subwoofer and center speaker designs. The built-in speakers offer wireless streaming via Bluetooth for clutter-free operation and audio-in for older devices without Bluetooth connectivity.

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, the Moda 2 lets you connect to your devices with Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) technology. MHL allows you to directly connect mobile phones and other portable devices that support MHL (which doesn’t include iOS devices) to the high-definition display and enjoy your mobile games, photos, movies, or other apps on its big screen. You can also simultaneously charge your mobile device so you never run out of power. You can also simultaneously charge your mobile device so you never run out of power.

The Moda 2 boasts a minimalist design that utilizes the latest IPS panels with a 2.5 mm thin outer bezel combined with an in-panel black matrix strip of only 3.5 mm. It’s available in both 24-inch (US$219.99) and 27-inch models ($319.99), and comes in a glossy cherry black finish.