EditShare (www.editshare.com) has released version 7 of its Geevs range of ingest and playout video servers. Geevs 7 adds such new features as enhanced integration with EditShare’s shared storage and Flow media asset management solutions.

Tara Montford, EditShare’s managing director, says Geevs Broadcast Servers have a long history of success within a wide range of demanding workflows including newsroom scheduling, live sports with instant replay, and multi-camera studio ingest. She adds that Geevs 7 provides a host of increased functionality and features for the standard Geevs Client license, including:

° Playback and recording of channels across multiple Geevs servers from a single client;

° Descriptive markers while recording for fast content tagging;

° A Channel Viewer and Administrator interface redesign;

° Local playback of clip files for reduced network bandwidth

° A “Record Local and Push” option that adds recording resilience on slow networks;

Application-specific updates for Geevs options include:

° New short-cut key for camera and marker selection in Geevs Studio MC;

° NLE sequences can now be imported into Geevs Live for instant playback;

° Direct timecode entry for fast, precise review and playout in Geevs Sports.

Also fundamental to the Geevs 7 release is deeper integration across the EditShare product line. Enhanced integration with EditShare’s Flow media asset management platform offers the ability for Geevs to generate AirFlow-compatible H.264 proxy files, allowing immediate web-based access to recorded media. Quality of Service integration with EditShare shared storage reserves bandwidth for Geevs ingest and media playback.