Moshi is shipping the iVisor AG for iPad 2 ( The iVisor is an U$30 screen protector (available in black or white) that shields the the tablet’s touch screen without hindering its appearance or functionality. 

What’s more, the iVisor AG features an anti-reflective matte finish that helps reduce glare and smudging. The screen protector designed to adhere onto the iPad 2 screen for a precise fit. This feature Moshi’s own proprietary design, which purportedly makes it the only screen protector on the market that is removable, re-usable and 100% bubble-free.

Due to its 100% bubble free installation, it can be installed in seconds with four steps and no added chemicals, according to the folks at Moshi. It’s also equipped with the company’s polymer adhesive that allows repeated cleaning and re-application.

The iVisor’s multilayer construction is engineered specifically to offer scratch/smudge resistance while retaining optimal touchscreen sensitivity and feedback. In addition, the iVisor won’t hinder the use of capacitive touch screen styluses, according to the folks at Moshi. Precise cut outs have been made for the home screen, microphone and front facing camera.