Quark Software’s Quark Author (http://tinyurl.com/ncdzyqt) is Web-based software that allows business users and subject matter experts to create structured content within a word processor-like environment that keeps XML behind the scenes.

With Quark Author writers can create and organize content in components using standard content types such as sections, paragraphs, lists, tables, charts and figures. When created as structured components – or Smart Content – content can be dynamically assembled for output across mobile, digital and print channels. Smart Content is Quark’s name for the next generation of automated, XML-driven publishing.

Examples of content that lends itself to a Smart Content approach include product marketing, financial research, policies and procedures and other documents that share one or more of these characteristics:

° High volume of similar documents

° Frequently repeated creation processes

° Government or corporate regulated documents

° High possibility to reuse content across multiple documents

° Integration of data into the content

° Translated to multiple languages

° Delivered in multiple formats

° Delivered with multiple different presentation styles.

Quark Author enables subject matter experts to rapidly create, preview and publish Smart Content while enabling publishing and content teams to:

° Keep track of where content components (text, images, charts, data) have been used for efficient content reuse;

° Easily update a single source of content and manage dynamic content updates across multiple documents;

° See previews of how content will look directly within Quark Author through tight integration with Quark Publishing Platform;

° Utilize Web-based review and approval including commenting and track changes;

° Automate multichannel publishing, increasing efficiency by up to 85% compared with traditional approaches;

° Train fulltime and occasional authors quickly due to the extremely intuitive user interface and workflow;

° Streamline compliance through comprehensive content tracking, versioning, workflow and permissions to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements;

° Deploy easily across the enterprise with a native HTML5 application that works on any modern desktop Web browser without plugins;

° Easily integrate with current business systems using familiar Web technologies

Quark Author utilizes the Smart Content Schema developed by Quark in partnership with its customers. Quark Author is tightly integrated with Quark Publishing Platform, which is the component content management system from Quark for authored content.