If you have a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, Wiley’s “iPhone Portable Genius, 2nd Edition” (http://tinyurl.com/mcyxzpc) is a great read. It’s packed with practical advice and covers all the key features in clear, no-nonsense language.

It’s a great manual for new iPhone users. Even experienced Apple smartphones will discover new tips and tricks. This full-color guide is designed for the visual learner, featuring plenty of screenshots that illustrate various techniques.

Genius icons highlight smarter, more innovative ways to do what you need to do better and faster. You’ll find essential information about iOS, Siri, iCloud, and learn how to use your iPhone to manage, organize, and navigate your life.

“iPhone Portable Genius, 2nd Edition” will teach you how to:

° Connect to a network, configure your settings, and work with iCloud;

° Max out the media features, surf the Web, and check your e-mail;

° Manage your contacts, appointments, e-books, and libraries;

° Sync your apps, photos, and music;

° And much more.

What’s more, it’s portable size make the 352-page guide to keep handy at all times.

Author Paul McFedries has written more than 85 books that have sold four million copies worldwide, including “iPad Portable Genius” and all previous editions of “iPhone Portable Genius.” You can learn more about him at www.mcfedries.com.