FacetCorp (http://www.facetcorp.com) has launched version 6 of FacetPhone, the business phone system that runs on Mac OS X. This release includes a mobile app, new call center functionality, enhanced reporting capabilities and computer telephony integration with more applications.

The mobile app is initially only available for iOS devices. It provides many of the unified communications capabilities that are in the FacetPhone computer user interface. These include a list of users showing their status and location, instant messaging, visual call control and visual voice mail management. The app also provides sophisticated soft phone capabilities that go beyond other soft phones. For example, users can turn recording on and off during a call and managers can monitor and barge-in on calls from the app.

Call center support now includes queue priorities and skills based call routing. This allows call centers to more effectively use their agents expertise. Based on a callers responses, their call can be given the appropriate priority and routed to an agent that has all the skills required to handle the call. This helps preserve the time of the most skilled employees for the calls that require their expertise.

FacetPhones standard reports now include graphical, interactive reports to let the business manager easily visualize and analyze the activity on their phone system.

FacetPhone now integrates with additional database and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products including FileMaker and Daylite. This integration allows users of these products to dial from them and get the caller ID of an incoming call for use in automatically looking up the callers information.

A new web based integration method now lets you integrate applications with FacetPhone. Contact FacetCorp for pricing options.