Network Inventory Advisor ( is a network inventory solution that’s been around for Windows systems for some time. Now it’s come to the Mac — and it’s free for up to 10 Macs that you wish to scan.

It finds and scans remote Macs via Bonjour, by IP or network names — or by just probing a IP-addresses range. There’s no need for additional databases or Java servers. Network Inventory Advisor for Mac works with Mac OS X 10.6 or higher and requires remote login to be enabled on target nodes and your network admin password to build reports on every piece of Mac hardware and software on the net.

Run Network Inventory Advisor and it collects all details about software and hardware present on the other Macs in your network. The software lets you easily track all the inventory data about remote Macs and report all information you need to manage any number of Mac OS X computers from your desk. All connected devices, CPU details, network configuration, startup items, power settings and a ton of other information becomes available to you for every new Mac computer you add to the inventory.

Once the data is collected it can be exported into a web-page or PDF for further presentation or sharing. Flexible tabular reports let you build inventory templates and create custom tables of whatever data you need to analyze about your Mac network.
A demo is available for download. If you’re planning to run a more professional audit than up to 10 Macs, user-oriented pricing options start at 25 nodes per the cheapest license.