One precaution parents are taking for children comes in the form of alarm backpacks. Now parents and children can take safety into their own hands, literally.

The iSafe US$59.99 backpack works in two ways. Not only does the alarm act as a deterrent once it begins sounding, it also acts as an alert system that triggers reaction. Kids can pull the alarm in the case of kidnapping, bullying or in any other circumstances where they feel unsafe.

To activate and deactivate the alarm system you simply lift the small flap on the right shoulder strap and pull the activation cord. If you have an iSafe Bag, lift the small flap on the front surface of your bag and pull the activation cord. The pin will disengage from the switch instantaneously and activate the alarm in a split second. To deactivate, reinsert the pin.

The iSafe is designed for children eight years old and up. They should be old enough to understand that the iSafe bag is an alarm system, not a toy.

The bag is water resistant and shock resistant. However, you should never submerge your iSafe in water. For more info go to .