If you like great audio on your Mac, you’ll appreciate the Audioengine D3 Premium 24-bit DAC (digital-to-analog converter). It bypasses your computer’s headphone jack and sends music directly through USB, making any computer sound noticeably better.

Setup is easy, and no special software is needed. The D3, housed in an aluminum case, plugs directly into an USB port on your Mac or PC and the output connects to headphones, Audioengine powered speakers, or any audio system.

With it’s high signal-to-noise ratio and low distortion, the D3 delivers great sound quality. The high-performance headphone amplifier was designed for a wide range of headphones.

The D3 allows you to stream bit-perfect native 24/96 HD audio and drives low impedance headphones. It sports a computer OS volume control and asynchronous data transfer with dual master clocks.

The Audioengine D3 Premium 24-bit DAC has a retail price of US$189. The D3 is available at over 500 retailers and online. For more info go to www.audioengineusa.com .