HeartMath has announced the Inner Balance lightning sensor for iOS, as well as HeartCloud, a free online platform with gamification features that allows users to sync devices and stress management data in one location.

Both new technologies are compatible and work with the Inner Balance (http://bit.ly/11HKbzl). The Inner Balance trainer (IBT) provides a digital solution to identify levels of stress and provide a path on how to quickly an effectively negate it. Utilizing the ear sensor and iOS app, IBT visually guides the user on how to sync breathing with heart rhythms, quickly achieving coherence and reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

HeartCloud (www.HeartCloud.com) can be directly accessed through Inner Balance and other HeartMath products. Charts show session results, daily and average coherence, and achievement scores over time. It allows the hundreds of thousands of HeartMath users to build on progress, earn rewards, learn best practice tips, and have private universal access to data. The Lightning sensor for iOS will ship later this month.