News Release

Micromat announces the release of TechTool Pro 4, the next generation of
the most complete problem-solving utility for both Mac OS 10.2 and the
newly released Panther.

SANTA ROSA, CA – November 24, 2003 – Micromat Inc., a leader in disk repair
and maintenance technology, today announced a new version of TechTool Pro 4
to support Mac OS 10.2 and is fully compatible with Panther.

“I believe we have a very strong product in TechTool Pro 4. Micromat has
been dedicated to delivering products that follow Apple’s guidelines,” said
Rebecca Smith, vice president of Micromat, Inc. “TechTool Pro 4 is fully
compatible with Mac OS X, including Panther. In fact, we boot all current
machines that are capable of running Mac OS X such as the new G5’s, and I
predict that TechTool Pro 4 will become the utility of choice for Mac

The product introduces some new features that offer extra protection for
users. One of the most amazing new features of TechTool Pro 4 (available
nowhere else) is the eDrive. An eDrive is a bootable OS X emergency
partition containing TechTool Pro 4. It is created on one of your hard
drives without the need to reformat it. You can boot your computer and then
run TechTool Pro from the eDrive if your normal startup volume develops
problems. This allows you to perform recovery or repairs without needing to
startup from the TechTool Pro CD. This feature will be welcomed by users of
Macintosh portables who may not have their TechTool Pro CD with them while
on the road. If problems should develop, they can simply boot from the
eDrive and go to work on their computer.

Other features include S.M.A.R.T. testing, email notification of problems,
optimization, and many hardware tests that may help to pinpoint problems
missed by other utilities. TechTool Pro 4 is the only utility that
simultaneously repairs or optimizes multiple volumes.

TechTool Pro 4 includes the following features:

* Installed on a Mac OS X bootable CD
* Optimization/defragmentation
* eDrive to create an emergency repair partition on your drive
* Scheduled automatic Diagnostics and Protection
* Email notification of Diagnostic failures
* Volume Structure Rebuild
* Computer hardware testing
* Checks Finder Info and File Structures
* Tests are multi-tasking for efficiency
* S.M.A.R.T. test to help predict drive hardware failures
* Surface Scan to check for physical bad blocks on a disk
* Data recovery from damaged volumes
* Secure data deletion
* USB and FireWire tests

Price and Availability
TechTool Pro 4 can be ordered through select dealers and resellers
worldwide or directly from Micromat Computer Systems, Inc. Current users of
TechTool Pro 3, Applecare, or Drive 10 may upgrade directly from Micromat
at The street price for new users is $99.99 (may vary).
For additional information, please contact