Odessa, Ukraine – November 24th, 2003 – BeLight Software releases version 2
of Business Card Composer, the popular Mac OS X program to create and print
business cards. This application adds such features as the ability to
search and use images from the Internet, order cards in online print shop,
create custom paper layouts, generate ID cards for several people from
Apple Address Book. More information:

Search images in the Internet
This new functionality allows to search and use images from the Internet by
keywords right from the program. The customers can now enjoy the virtually
unlimited clip art collection, choosing from millions of images in the

Print cards in online print shop
The program is integrated with a print shop service. To print a large
number of cards or to have them professionally printed, the users can
submit their designs to an online print shop, where the cards will be
printed and mailed to their address.

Create custom layouts
This option allows to use custom paper, create cards of non-standard sizes
or use the program for printing all kinds of labels, invitation cards, etc.
Custom layouts can be saved for later use.

Generate ID cards for several people
It is easy to print badges, ID cards or invitations for a group of people
in Business Card Composer. After the users design a card, they can choose
the people from the Address Book for whom to print the cards.

Get details about Business Card Composer:

“We are happy to continue introducing new abilities, and making them really
simple to use”,- said Pavel Skurtul, BeLight Software VP of Development and
Production. “By integrating Internet technologies into the new Business
Card Composer, we invite all the Mac community to use the latest available

The version 2 is free for registered users of Business Card Composer. They
are welcome to take the new edition for a spin:

About BeLight Software
BeLight Software was founded in January 2003 by a team of very different
people in Odessa, Ukraine. The common goal is to provide people with the
latest available technologies, as no technology can live without human
practice. Now the company develops and publishes Mac OS X software,
combining the newest computer abilities and simplicity of use. For more
information about the company visit BeLight Software at: